Why Us

Get access to strategic investment solutions,
designed to give market beating returns.

Research Driven

At the core of our operations is solid research. Our research desk continuously processes large amounts of economic and market data to generate relevant insights. These powerful insights enable us to design investment portfolios that yield optimal returns irrespective at what point in the market cycle our clients invest, i.e. our clients don't have to worry about timing the markets or investing in the wrong financial product.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Our team has access to in-depth knowledge of economics and capital markets and a thorough understanding of diverse investment products. Our core expertise is strategic asset allocation, which help us design the right investment solution for our clients, irrespective of the prevailing market conditions at the time of investment. Strategic asset allocation allows clients to earn higher risk adjusted returns consistently over the long term. It allows clients to focus on their life priorities without missing out on good investment opportunities or living in the fear of losing money.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that a "One size fits all" approach does not apply to investments, as every customer has unique needs. We offer solutions customized to meet our clients' specific priorities vs. selling financial products. In short, we aim for significant long-term value instead of short-term transactional benefit.


Equities beats all other asset classes hands down, over the long term

Everguard equity portfolio outperforms every popular asset class and the market indices by a wide margin.