Here are Some of The Most Frequently Asked Questions by Our Clients

1. How safe is my Investment with you? I don’t want to lose Money.

Your money is invested in Mutual Funds which is a highly regulated industry managed by professionals. There are strict SEBI norms to ensure investors interests are protected.

2. Where does my money go when I Invest with you?

Money is invested in Mutual funds i.e. the money you invest lies with the Asset Management Companies such as ICICI, HDFC, SBI etc.which in turn invest in either stocks or debt products.

3. How quickly can I get my Money in case I want to exit?

For equity funds, the money will come to your Fundzbazar linked bank account in 3 business days. In case of debt funds it’s the next business day. The redemption should be placed before 2:00 PM else it gets executed on the next business day.

4. How do I redeem my Money?

You can redeem your money at a click of a button. You have to enter either the number of units or amount in the redemption section of your Fundzbazar account. For equity funds, the money will come to your Fundzbazar linked bank account in 3 business days post redemtion. In case of debt funds it’s the next business day. Please note, the redemption should be placed before 2:00 PM else it gets executed on the next business day.

5. Who is monitoring my Portfolio? How often would you review my Portfolio?

Everguard Investment team monitors your portfolio regularly. We monitor it every quarter and recommend a review with you once in six months.

6. How often would you churn my Portfolio? How will it happen?

We go through a rigorous process to invest right in the first place so as to avoid churning. We review the portfolio every quarter and every time there are structural changes in the Fund or the Market conditions we will rebalance the portfolio after giving the rationale to you and securing your approval.

7. Do I have to pay you to Invest with you?

No, you don’t have to pay us to invest with us, we get compensated by the AMCs typically in the range of Rs 1000 for every 1 crore you invest in Debt products and Rs 5000 for every 1 Crore you invest in Equity products. The net impact is minimal for you unlike when you invest in expensive alternatives like Insurance and Portfolio Management services where you lose 20-30% of your returns in compensating the distribution agents of these companies.

8. Why shouldn’t I Invest directly?

Direct Investments are a great way to invest in Mutual Funds, provided you are an expert. If you are not, then the savings in expenses can well be offset by sub optimal returns from your investments and in fact is dangerous, almost like flying a plane without having the expertise or experience of flying one. Moreover, you will not have a consolidated view of your portfolio as your funds will be held with different AMCs and you will have to work on putting it together at one place.

9. Why should I go with Everguard instead of the Big names in the Industry?

We want customers for life and hence we choose them carefully. We are the experts in Asset allocation and apply the principles to every investment to ensure your priority financial objectives are met in time without having to deal with the volatility of markets. We regularly monitor and take remedial actions if necessary so that your investments are always protected. In short you get peace of mind that your investments are being looked over while you spend your time taking care of your business. for the big names in he industry you are just another number.

10. What is your track record with Investments?

Short answer, we beat the markets consistently over 3 & 5 year periods for Debt & Equity products the key deliverable of any investment company but not common in our industry. We consider ourselves to be experts based on our past track record across hundreds of portfolios with assets ranging from a couple of lakhs to a couple of crores.

11. What is Fundzbazar? How is it different from Demat A/cs and other Investment platforms ?

FundzBazar is a customer friendly, safe and secure online investment platform used for executing your investment and redemption orders. It offers all the major Mutual Funds to invest into thereby providing you a single view of your investments with us. There is no need of a Demat account where you might have to pay transaction cost for the investments you do.

12. How secure are the Investment transactions?

Fundzbazar is a safe platform with 2048 bit security and firewall protection. You have a choice to make investments using either Net Banking or NACH Mandate.

13. Why do I have to be KYC compliant to Invest with you?

KYC compliance is a regulatory requirement to invest. It is a one-time process that can be used for your financial investments.

14. I am not comfortable uploading my signature, why is it needed?

Your uploaded signature is sent to RTAs like CAMS. This is an RTA requirement and is used in case you want to redeem the funds by filling a physical form in case of situations where the Fundzbazar platform is not available such as natural calamities.

15. Why do I have to sign a mandate? Will it give debit access on my Bank Account?

Mandate is a debit instruction given to your Bank for making repetitive transactions. The Bank will allow a debit transaction only upto the mandate limit and only the amount approved by you via OTP. It is a safe and convenient way to make payment transaction in your Fundzbazar account.

16. How do I check my Portfolio?

You can login to your Fundzbazar account, click on the Reports and then on Portfolio Valuation to view your Portfolio.

17. Why do the Investments not reflect on my Portfolio immediately?

There is a series of steps that happen in the in the background for your investments.

  • Day 1: Money gets debited from your Bank and reaches the Fund House (AMC).
  • Day 2: Fundzbazar generates Purchase Order and sends to the AMC.
  • Day 3: AMC invests your money in the Mutual Funds as per your order.
  • Day 4: AMC provides the Purchase details like Folio Number, Purchase NAV and Number of units to Fundzbazar. Fundzbazar updates this data and your Purchase starts reflecting in your Fundzbazar Portfolio.

18. Why do I upload a cancelled cheque?

Mutual Fund third party rules require that an investment in your name has to be made from your bank account only. The cancelled cheque with your name printed on it has to be uploaded as a proof of the Bank account ownership.

19. How long does it take to open Fundzbazar Account?

If you have all the required information and documents it takes 5-10 minutes to complete the account registration process. If all the information provided and the documents are in order it takes 1 day to activate your Fundzbazar account.

20. Can I invest in joint name?

Yes, you can invest in joint name.