Capital Appreciation

Tailored for important financial milestones such as Child Higher Education, Home Purchase and Retirement.

We follow a systematic process of portfolio allocationmonitoring and re-balancing for every client. The process ensures that we are always on top of your portfolio while you are busy with your life, so that corrective action can be taken in time, in the event of a market meltdown or fundamental changes in the portfolio constituents.

As a result, your investments compound at rates higher than any other investment asset class such as Direct equities, PMS, Index Funds, Insurance Plans, Real Estate and Gold over long term. Our key objective is to construct a portfolio that outperforms the markets sustainably while reducing volatility at the same time.

Portfolio Composition

  1. Equities: Large Cap, Multicap, Mid Cap and Small Cap
  2. Debt: Short and Medium duration- High quality papers with 90%+ in AAA and Sovereign Rating
  3. Gold & International equity (Starting FY20-21)

Proportion of Asset classes is based on

  1. Mode of investment: Lumpsum or Monthly
  2. Asset allocation: Based on Macroeconomic conditions, Market Valuations & Market sentiment.
  3. Investment horizon