Passive Income

Tailored for Retirees and Salaried Professionals who want retirement or supplementary income to sustain their lifestyle.

tax efficient solution, designed to provide a steady monthly income stream for clients, to sustain their standard of living while protecting the initial capital invested for the target duration. The solution is designed for significant tax savings vis-a-vis the conventional products used for income such as Fixed Deposits, Post office savings and real estate, for clients in the higher tax brackets.

Key Points

  1. After-tax Returns of Income oriented funds is much higher than Fixed Deposits (held for 3 years).
  2. No TDS for Income funds unlike Fixed deposits where TDS is deducted every year.
  3. For FDs, you are charged a penalty if you break it before maturity. No such penalty clause for Income funds.
The tax will vary based on actual capital gains every year, the deviation however will be insignificant.

Portfolio Composition: Debt

Low, Short and Medium Duration Funds – High quality papers with 95%+ with AAA & Sovereign rating