Our Clients

We Partner with Investors Across the Globe to Help Them Achieve Their Key Financial Targets

Key Financial Targets of Our Clients


(35 to 45 years of age)

  1. Capital Growth
  2. Children Education
  3. Home Down Payment


(45 to 55 years of age)

  1. Passive Income
  2. Child Education
  3. Home Loan Prepayment


(Over 55 years of age)

  1. Retirement Income
  2. Legacy Corpus
  3. Medical Corpus


We had used other Investment Services in the past and were constantly being pitched their preferred products, in a haphazard manner, even if they weren’t aligned with our requirements. We recently partnered with Everguard and have been very happy with their focus towards predetermined targets. The Everguard team’s approach to investing is lucid and doesn’t stray from our requirements. This coupled with their responsiveness has given us peace of mind while investing. We hope for a long association with Everguard and wish them the very best.

Regional Director, Fortune 500 MNC Bank

At retirement, fixed deposits were my first choice, but after 2015 the returns started dwindling and I invested with a big broking firm but found that there was no personal monitoring of my investments and I could not afford heavy losses or take undue risk. Fortunately, in 2018 I met Arjun at Everguard, who understood my priorities and I am with Everguard ever since. My funds are being monitored continuously with steady returns, in spite of the Corona crisis. My blessings are with Everguard team for giving me peaceful sleep at night, I am convinced that my funds are in safe hands.

Ex-Chief Health Officer, BMC, Mumbai

For many years my husband and I were looking for a trusted partner to help us with our investments. We tried many brokers, but we always found them selling for their benefit rather than for our needs. With Everguard our experience has been phenomenal. I am really happy with their focus on our financial needs, customer first mindset and amazing administration and processes. There is periodic portfolio review and most importantly, returns on my investments so far has been really good.

Head of Operations & IT India, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

My wife and I are very thoughtful Investors. We have always weighed our brokers advice against the knowledge that they have, their own self interest and targets at their core. This added much personal stress and a continual demand on our time. Since coming across Everguard in 2016, through very strong testimonials, we have experienced a completely stress-free investment life. Every detail that the team has researched for us and every investment has taken into account our considerations. They guided us through this pandemic period unscathed. Arjun heads the investment team which is extremely objective in their research. The investment burden has been completely lifted off our shoulders now. We know that our life’s savings are in very safe hands. Thank you Everguard. We look forward to a long future together.

Australian Oil & Gas, Management Professional, Multi-Locations

We have found Everguard Life Ventures Pvt. Ltd. team to be extremely knowledgeable. They have consistently exceeded my expectations and needs and their attention to details is extraordinary. The Everguard team has exhibited the professionalism and financial investment advisory service expected from them. I can count on them to help me with my portfolio as their response to our query have always been in time. Wishing you all the best for all your future endeavours.

Head of Strategic initiatives EMEIA, Fortune 500 Company

We are a salaried couple. We had used many websites to build some kind of portfolio etc. but realized we had not moved towards our targets. Then we turned to the services of Everguard. The target based approach to wealth creation was just what we needed and we have had highly satisfactory results so far. I believe this is just the right service we the salaried class needed. We wish Everguard all the very best for the future.

Senior Sales Professional, Top IT Services Company

I recently partnered with Everguard for investments plans and have been very happy with their expertise not only on investments but understanding my financial targets and plan accordingly. The Everguard team’s approach to investing is perfect and doesn’t drift from my requirements. In addition reachability and quick response of their experts is always amazing. I am looking forward for a long term association with Everguard and wish them all the best for all the future endeavours.

Senior IT Professional, Kuwait

Even after investing across multiple investment products my expectations were not met. Then I got an opportunity to talk to Arjun & his team in Jan 2020, who made me realize the importance of smart target-based investing based on lower risk. Thanks to Everguard, my investments remained stable even in this pandemic in highly volatile markets. It gave me the confidence that Everguard is the right choice as an investment partner and my investments will be monitored continuously, resulting in higher returns and a sound sleep every day. I wish the Everguard Team all the best and hope they always remain “Trusted Partners” in my investment journey.

HSE Professional, Leading Construction Co. Mumbai

I had done very little financial planning and was hit by reality when I realized I am coming close to my retirement age. With only a few years left of an active working life, making the right investments and financial planning suddenly became my topmost priority. Around that time, I was introduced to Arjun and the Everguard team by another client of theirs and from the first interaction itself, I felt the comfort that they have understood y requirements and have proposed the right solutions. Everguard team is very professional, they have helped at every stage. I am happy that I have started working with them to secure my financial future. Within a short period of time, the Everguard team has built so much trust that, without any hesitation, I have recommended Everguard to many of my friends and colleagues. Thanks to Everguard and wish them all the success in their journey to help people.

Senior Telecom Professional, Top Telecom Company, Africa

I was investing through some banks earlier and was unhappy the way they managed and reviewed my investments. Later in 2019 I got associated with Everguard Ventures through an acquaintance. They have demonstrated a thorough and rigorous approach to their customer service policy and practice. This small team delivers an excellent level of service, with highest professional standards. They truly listen to the goals and requirements of their clients, always keeping them informed and adjusting their own practices and offerings to suit the clients’ needs. Super attention is given to each and every need of the client. They are constantly in touch with client and best part of them is the periodic portfolio review they conduct for their clients. I will recommend everyone to go through Everguard for investments to achieve your financial goals.

Senior IT Professional UAE